Seminar And Workshops

Seminars and Workshops:

The institute is committed to organize seminars and workshops on the current issues. Recently the institute has organized a seminar on "Quality in Elementary Education: Achievement and Challenges". The objective of the seminar is to provide an interactive platform to Educationists, Researchers, Policy Makers, NGOs, Scholars, Teachers and Community Members from all over the country to discuss Achievements and Challenges in quality education.

The seminar “Quality in Elementary Education: Achievement and Challenges” focus on the following dimensions –

• Policy Perspective on Quality Education
• Quality Schooling in the context of Globalization
• Quality in Education : NCF 2005
• Planning and Monitoring : Quality Indicators
• Teacher's Recruitments , Professional Development and Teacher Preparation
• Classroom Processes
• Stakeholders Accountability
• Evaluation, Monitoring and Supervision for a Quality School
• Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
• Innovative and Best Practices in Quality Education
• Quality Education : Gender, Social Groups and Children with Special Needs

Other Seminars And Workshops:

• Empowering School Heads/Leaders to Meet the Future Challenges (25-26 July, 2013
• Issues & Challenges In Implementation of RTE Act 2009 (27-28 Feb. 2013)
• Public Private Participation in Indian Educational System with Special Reference to the Right to Education (12-13 March, 2012)
• Workshop on “Framing Indicators for computing Educational Development Index in Uttar Pradesh”


Besides regular academic work, SIEMAT has organised symposiums and seminars on topics of International/National/State level relevance and educational management issues. Recently the Institute has organized the following National Seminars.

• Empowering School Heads/Leaders to Meet the Future Challenges (25-26 July, 2013)
• Issues & Challenges in Implementation of RTE Act, 2009 (February 27-28, 2013)
• Quality in Elementary Education: Achievement and Challenges (18-19, Feb., 2015)

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