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All India Survey of Educational Administration

The institute has conducted 'Third All India Survey on Educational Administration' for Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with NIEPA, New Delhi.

• To investigate the present status of educational administration in terms of structures, systems and processes in all the states and union territories;
• To map out the changes that have taken place in the governance of school education due to policy reforms and other developments in educational administration and management.
• To identify major issues and areas of intervention for preparing strategies to make the system of educational administration more effective
• To suggest measures for improvement in the governance of school education at state level.

The basic purpose of this survey is to examine status of educational administration and its responsiveness to the changing demands of the system. However, several educational policies and programmes have been initiated during the last two decades in different states resulting into reforms and changes in the administrative structures and functioning at different levels i.e. state, region, district, sub-district and institutional levels. The initiatives and interventions have added new dimensions to educational governance.
The present survey covers the present status of educational administration in respect of structure, processes and changes that have taken place in the governance of school education during last two decades. It covers the organizational set-up, role, functions and activities of the Education Department at the secretariat, directorate, district, block, cluster and institutional levels. The parallel management structures under SSA and RMSA have also provided a large number of interventions to improve and enrich the qualitative educational input in the context of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Elementary level of education) and Raashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (Secondary Education). It also explore the role and functions of other department in educational management. Themes like educational management by local bodies, the working systems of NGOs and community participation education of disadvantaged groups and personnel management are also taken in to consideration. The issues of teacher management academic management, inspection and supervision and institutional management are also studied in depth. The survey is restricted to management bodies structure variety of techniques and devices and focus only on administration of school education.

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