Computer Centre

Computer And Information Technology–

The Computer Centre backs up the Information Technology needs of the Institute. It provides computing facilities and Internet services to all the trainees and staff members of the Institute. Network facilities have been provided to all the faculty and staff members to access and share the Resources. Individual email accounts havebeen provided to all the faculty and staff members on SIEMAT Domain. Internet connectivity through network connections and high speed internet connectivity through Wi-Fi is provided to all the faculty members of the Institute. Laptop computers have been provided to all the staff members and laptops to all faculty members. During the capacity development programme the soft copy of handouts are sent on the e-mail of individual participants.

The present infrastructure consists of standalone computers, internet and other services; appropriate power back-up facility.

Other Facilities/Amenities–

The computer centre in the institute has been developed with the support of IIT Kanpur comprising modern facilities and attachments including Internet Connectivity and Website. SIEMAT is well equipped with latest office / training equipments as well.

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